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Bitores Mendez and Ganado Villagers

"You carry the same blood as us, it seems. Neverthless, your an outsider. Just remember, if you become unpleasent to our eyes, you will face sevre consequences..."

Bitores Mendez AKA the Big Cheese is one of the antaginiosts seen in Resident Evil 4.


Capturing Leon S KennedyEdit

As Leon untied Luis Sera, Mendez walked into the room along with two Ganado Villagers. Leon went to kick Mendez in the face but Mendez countered the attack and threw him to knock Leon out. As he was unconsious, Osmund Saddler injected Leon with the Plague. 

Second encounterEdit

Leon headed to Mendez's house, and encountered Mendez again. Bitores strangled Leon almost to death, he then realised he had the same blood and spared him. But warned him he will die if he becomes unpleasent to his and any Ganados eyes. 

Leon then went to confront Mendez in the next room but had his handgun knocked out of his hand. Mendez then got Leon on the floor with his foot on his chest, ready to kill him. But Ada Wong shot Mendez in the back twice with a Handgun. Mendez went to attack her but she dogded the attack and attempted to escape him. Mendez shot her with a dart, captured her and let the Villagers execute her.


Leon went to confront Mendez in a Warehouse so he can kill him, retrieve the fake eye and escape the Village. Leon attempted to kill him by firing at the Gas Barrel but that only made Mendez transform him into his true form. Leon won the battle and Mendez died, Leon then took the fake eye to open the gates and escape.