Chubby from Naughty Bear

Chubby is one of the antagionists from the Naughty Bear frenchise.


Daddles partyEdit

Chubby laughed at Naughtys present along with Giggles as he was on his way to give Daddles the present. But Chubby was killed when Naughty when on his killing spree to hunt down and punish Daddles.

Chubby's electionEdit

Chubby was running for mayor after Naughty killed Daddles. He promised he will manage to get rid of Naughty Bear if his elected mayor of Perfection Island. Naughty was going to stop Chubby right away but discovered Ninja's have been hired to protect him.

Naughty eventually managed to get passed the Ninja's and punish Chubby. If Chubby is killed with the toilet, the player will recieve an achievment called "Drowning politics."

Paradise IslandEdit

Chubby is mayor of Paradise Island and wants to get rid of the wieght he currently has. He is expecting that Dr. Ductoar is going to pull off an operation that will get rid of Chubby's uneeded fluff. Naughty's objective was to disguise as the doctor and use the machine on Chubby to get rid of all of his fluff.