Colnal Ketchup

Colnal Ketchup from Naughty Bear series.

Ketchup is Colnel of the Army, and is commander of the Army Bears.


Spying on NaughtyEdit

Colnel Ketchup and a full squad of Army Bears arrive at Perfection Island, to go with Cozy's plan to spy on Naughty. Naughty soon discovered fluffy birds having camrea taped onto their heads, and then discovered Ketchup and Cozy have teamed up.

Naughty then goes to punish Cozy for his plan to spy on Naughty Bear. Cozy was killed and Ketchup left the Island along with the surviving members of his squad.

The UnTedEdit

Colnel Ketchup returned to Perfection Island, but this time it was a rescue mission. Ketchup orders his soldiors to elimanate the UnTed creatures that have risen from the underground.

Paradise Island: Cozy's planEdit

Cozy called in General Treacle and Colnel Ketchup to arrive at Paradise Island for a new plan to elimanate Naughty. The Army have built a Super Cannon to destroy Naughty's hut, and Cozy holds Naughty's hut extact coordinates. Ketchup and Treacle are in Cozy's level and is located at Spa for War Heroes.