Cop Gordon

Cop Gordon, one of the antaginioests in Naughty Bear series

Cop Gordon is one of the antagioniests in the Naughty Bear Series and a semi boss.


The X Bears incedintEdit

As Naughty arrived at the party, Gordon called in the X Bears led by Danger Bear to get rid of Naughty. Naughty soon killed Cop Gordon and Bubbles for their terrible mistake of calling in the X Bears.


Cop Gordon has retired his life of hunting down Naughty as a policeman in the FUZZ. He says he wants to live the last of his days from "The Menace That is Naughty Bear" as he puts it.

The Narrator wants Naughty to kill the now Chief Gordon to not let him getting away from harrassing him behind his back. The Narrator reminds Naughty that he wants him to punish the Chief with his own Magnum Revolver because he never offered to protect Naughty with the weapon. Naughty manages to arrive at his location and reaches Gordon without a disguise. He shot bullets from the magnum revolver, ending his life once and for all.