Matt Miller

Matt Miller, leader of the Deckers


Matt Miller is one of the antaginioests from Saints row the Third and an allie in Saints Row IV.


Saints in SteelportEdit

After Loren killed Gat, he called Killbane and Matt Miller, ordering Matt Miller to drain the Saints Bank Account.

After the capture of the Pentyhouse, Miller then showed Loren the Protaginiest killing a Morningstar soldior and shutting down a Camrea that recordered him.

Loren's deathEdit

After Loren's death, Killbane announced he had full control over the Syndacate. But Matt objected his announcement mostly out of fear. But Killbane became in command anyway.

Killbane on Live NewsEdit

With the help of Kinzie, the Protaginiest and Shaundi went to locate Killbane to stop him from bashing the Saints on Live News. Matt Miller's Deckers guarded the Signal towers from the Saints. After Killbane left the Warehouse he was located inside, Shaundi via helicopter almost assassinated Killbane with a Snipe but Matt Miller hacked the helicopter, causing it to crash. Miller then sent a message to the Protaginiest saying "CHEERS (:"

Final BattleEdit

After the Protaginiest captured Miller's supercomputer for Kinzie, he entered the Cyber World of Matt Miller. Through many Decker guards and obstacles, he managed to reach Miller's avatar in battle. The Protaginiest defeated his Avatar and had him begging for the Protaginiest to spare his life.

Miller then said he'll give the Saints a Vehicle or Weapon discount, the Protaginiest spared him and choose one of the two. Miller then left his ways of Cyber crime as he requested to leave the Syndacate.