Nibbles from Naughty Bear

Nibbles is one of the antagionists from the Naughty Bear frenchise.


The UnTedEdit

Nibbles invites three coloured bears to a cooking lesson, but he ends up reading the wrong cooking book. And he accidentally releases the UnTed! Naughty is forced to punish Nibbles for his big mistake of unleashing the Zombears.

But Colnel Ketchup and his full squad is sent to Perfection Island for a rescue mission to protect Nibbles and elimanate the UnTed. Naughty manages to fight through the enemy Bears and kill Nibbles.

Paradise IslandEdit

Nibbles is on Naughty's hit list, and is located at the fiasta. The Narrator orders Naughty to kill Nibbles with the Cookie Cutter Machine. Once Naughty see's him, he is teaching three Bears how to cook. But, Naughty manages to put him in the machine and finish him off.