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Osmund Saddler from RE4

"If you must know, my name is Osmund Saddler, the master of this fine...religous community"

Saddler is the main villain of Resident Evil 4.


The PlanEdit

During 2004, Saddler made a local Spanish Village part of a cult known as the Los Illuminados. His old aim was to unleash a Plaga Parasite beneath a Castle. Osmund Saddler then thought the plan to capture Ashley Graham, the Presidents daughter. Then he can infect her with the Plaga and send her back to the United States so she could infect her father. With the President under his power, Saddler can rule the US under his command.

Capturing Leon S KennedyEdit

After Bitores Mendez knocked out Leon, he was brought to Saddler. Saddler injected Leon in the neck with a dose of the Plaga. 

Second encounterEdit

Leon and Ashley was about to leave the Church but Saddler awaited for them. He introduced himself to the two and Leon thought him as a terrorist. After the conversation ended, two Zealot Ganados entered the Church wielding crossbows. They attempted to shoot Leon and Ashley but the two escaped.

Hiring Jack KrauserEdit

Saddler hired Jack Krauser for two jobs. The first job was to send Jack Krauser after Ashley to capture her, he captured her and brought her to Saddler. His final mission was to kill Leon to get him out of the way of Saddlers plan. Saddler was glad when he heard Leon killed Jack Krauser in battle.

Final Battle and DeathEdit

"The American prevailing is a cliche' that only happens in the Hollywood movies! Ohec, Mr. Kennedy, you entertain me! To show my appreciation, I will help you awaken from your world of Cliche's!"

Leon confronted Osmund Saddler and Leon found Ada Wong tied up. Leon then untied Ada with a knife, then moved on to Saddler who transformed into a Plaga eyed monster.

After the long battle, Leon won the fight and killed Saddler with an RPG. Leon then retrieved the cure that Saddler stole from Luis Sera.