Philipine Loren

Philipine Loren, leader of the Syndacate and Morningstar

"I am Philipine Loren, Chairman of a multinational organizasion called the Syndacate. I am offering you the chance to leverage your assets against your lives."

Loren is one of the antagioniests in Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV.


Johnny Gat's deathEdit

After Loren bailed out the Saints out of jail, he offered them a chance to live. But Johnny Gat refused to listen to Loren's deal, forcing Philipine to execute Gat. But Gat fought back against Loren and his men, which made Gat battle Loren and the Morningstar and the Saints escaped. 

As the Protaginiest and Shaundi reached the bunk, Johnny was killed by Loren. But the Saints escaped with their lives to Steelport. Loren called Killbane and Matt Miller, ordering Killbane to send out his Luchadores and Matt Miller to drain the Saints bank account. 

Capture of Morningstar PentyhouseEdit

Matt Miller worried about the Saints, saying their not going to back down. Killbane told him not to worry, and then Philipine came in the room along with the DeWynter sisters. Saying the Saints are nothing but a white fog of empty noises. Matt Miller then passed a small video to Loren, showing the Protaginiest finishing off one of the Morningstar soldiors who's down. 


Loren soon was successfully located and the Saints planned on killing Loren before he escapes. The Saints, while meeting Oleg on the way, reached Loren but his already escaped via elevator. The Protaginiest then thinks he can kill Philipine with the ball. 

Philipine was on his way to escape but was looked above. He then was squashed with the ball that was guided by the Protaginest.