Ramon Salazar from RE4

Ramon Salazar is a major antaginiost from Resident Evil 4.



Ramon Salazar was the eigth Castallen in the Salazar family in Spain and was left alone with only his butler. This made Salazar vulnrable to Osmund Saddler's influence. When he soon was injected with Las Plagas, he gained control over most Ganado's and two bodyguards who protected him known as Verdugos.

2004 incedintEdit

In 2004, an American Agent called Leon S Kennedy infiltrated the Spanish Village and rescued Ashley Graham within the Church. They soon attempted to escape the Villagers by infiltrated the Castle that Ramon Salazar is inside. Salazar had many traps to recapture Ashley and jammed the comminucations between Hunnagan and Leon.

Leon then confronted Ramon Salazar in the throne room but fell beneath the trap floor into the Underground. Witnessing Leon survived, he ordered Ashley to be escorted and his Right Hand to kill Leon S Kennedy. Leon killed his Right Hand and proceeded to rescue Ashley Graham from Ramon Salazar.

Leon threw a knife at Salazar's hand so he escaped in pain via elevator. Leon then managed to reach the top and went through the many jumps to find the door which led to Salazar. 


Leon finally confronted Ramon Salazar through the door and ordered Salazar to tell him where Ashley is. Ramon said Ashley has been taken to an Island by Jack Krauser. Salazar then proceeded to mix himself with his left hand into the Plaga Queen. Salazar then transformed into a giant monster but Leon managed to destroy the Plaga Queen and kill Salazar once and for all.