Missions in Saints Row: the Third must be completed to progress through the Storyline.


Act 1Edit

The Protaginiest and the Saints begin a Bank Robbery to capture the Vault, but the Robbery fails as the SWAT team manage to arrest the Saints. After being bailed out by Philipine Loren, the Saints go through the road to vengance after Loren kills Johnny Gat.

Act 2Edit

The Saints along with Oleg go to Stilwater to attend Johnny Gat's funeral after Loren's death. But Killbane and his Luchadores ambush the 3rd Street Saints, so the Saints decide to return to the City of Steelport and finish off the Syndacate.

Act 3Edit

After Killbane killed Kiki, Viola DeWynter sides with the Saints and STAG arrive to Steelport to bing the Saints to justice. Also Kinzie starts to work with the Protaginiest to strike at the Deckers gang.

Act 4Edit

Shaundi has been kidnapped by an unknown person and the Saints are finally going to drive the Luchadores and STAG out of Steelport. And a an outbreak of Zombies has happened on Arapice Island.


When Good Hiests Go Bad

I'm Free-Free Falling

We're Going to Need Guns

Steelport Here I Am

Party Time

Hit the Powder Room

The Belgian Problem

Guardian Angel


Takeover the City

Tank Mayem

Proffessor Genki

We've Only Just Begun

Return To Steelport

Trojan Whores

Pimps Up, Hos down

The Ho Boat


Ho traffic


Painting a Picture

Cyber Blazing


Guardian Angel 2

Heli Assault

Phone Phreak

Insurance Fraud

Trail Blazing

Eye of the Tiger

Face your Fear

Gang Bang

Convoy Decoy

Nyte Blade's Return

STAG Party

Live! Live with Killbane

Learning Computer

Stop All Downloading


Stilwater Blues

My name is Cyrus Temple

Air Steelport

Zombie Attack!

A Remote Chance

3 Count Beat Down

Murderbrawl XXXI

Three Way

STAG film

Gangsta's in Space