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High Prophet of Truth, head of the Covenant

The Covenant Empire is a religous army made up of different types of aliens. They believe, if they activate Halo Rings, they will walk on the path of the Great Journey to salvation. The Covenant, including the Prophets, treat the Forerunner's as gods.


Grunts (Unggoy)Edit

The Grunts are the basic infantary for the Covenant military, and had little choice to join the Covenant. They are the most cowardice of the Covenant species but are extremley dangrous in large numbers. They are usally led by a Brute/Elite in squads but if their leadership is nuetralized, the Grunts will retreat from the enemy.

Ranks: Minor, Major, Heavy, SpecOps and Ultra.

Jackals (Kig Yar)Edit

Jackals outrank Grunts and are excellent with sniper weaponary thanks to their great eye sight. They are the scouts and marksmen for the Covenant. They carry portable shields to deflect enemy projectiles and many other attacks from enemies in the battlefield. Usally if a Jackal is sniping and an enemy gets too close to them, they will drop their weapon and retreat.

Ranks: Minor, Major, Sniper, Ranger and Zealot.

Hunter (Mgalekgolo)Edit

Hunters use fuel rod cannon to shoot enemies and melee with their own shield. Hunters are used more equipment than soldiors and most of the Hunters sided with the Covenant as they threatened to destroy their planet.